On having a soft heart

I’m a carer.

By that I mean that I have said–in complete seriousness–that my goal in life is to make sure that everyone is well fed, tucked in at night and knows that they are fully and completely loved.

There was actually a phase in college senior year when I started forcing friends to go to sleep (They were doing senior projects, and it was necessary). And yes, I tucked them in and reminded them it was just work and it would be there in the morning.

But I’m a carer. I have a terribly soft heart for the world, and were I able to, I would Mother anyone who needed it. It’s just–how I’m wired.

Some people think that having a soft heart makes you weak.

All you need to see to disprove that is to hurt someone I love.

I will take.you.down.

Some people think that being a carer isn’t valuable.

Being a carer is literally how we keep this world running. Without carers, we wouldn’t have functional adults (and I think the lack of functional adults shows we need to start valuing this role more). Without carers, no one would hold your hand when your about to be wheeled into surgery. Without carers, there’d be no one to rock your babies to sleep with as much love as they do their own. Carers are the front line in how we make this world and the people in it a better place.

Some people think that you have to be a parent if you’re a carer.

Dude. There are all kinds of ways to love this world (I personally plan weddings and rock babies that aren’t mine to sleep on Sundays). You don’t need to be a parent to be a carer. And if you want to say otherwise, I will take you down because my Aunt Betty was the best carer ever and she had no children. Shut up and sit down.

It’s just…I’m a carer. It’s how I’m wired. I love being a carer. I love loving people.

Hug the people in life that take care of the world. It’s a tough, often thankless job.

And really–who couldn’t use more hugs?