On Weddings


I love weddings. I love talking about them, I loving creating them, I love helping great businesses find great brides. Because they’re this moment…frozen in time and your hearts… that’s full of hope and love and joy. And there is this whole industry–that I am occasionally (and hope to be more often!) joyously a part of that creates the pretty stuff surrounding these moments. But that’s all it is–pretty stuff.

Look, all you need to get married is you, the love of your life and someone who is legally able to marry you in the state of your choice. Done.  Everything after that is dressing. And it’s amazing, beautiful dressing. But it is not necessary.  And that’s why I always tell people (somewhat weirdly as I do make part of my living selling the fluffy pretty dream)…the stuff? The dress, the tux, the flowers, the favors? None of it really matters. What matters is that moment…where you look at each other and you think “YAY! I get to marry you today!!” For me, it was a moment about halfway through my wedding ceremony where i realized I was literally bouncing up and down I was so excited. (Ask my friends–apparently it was adorable). I spent the better part of 6 months and a crazy amount of stress planning my wedding. You know what I remember?

Smiling a lot.


Losing my darn drinks(Every time I put one down, by the time I came back, someone had cleared it)

The giddiness I felt during the ceremony.

My husband crying two tears when we made it back down the aisle.

The feeling of relief when I saw the hubs (before the ceremony..I’m way too much of a stress ball to wait)


You want to know what’s not included in that list? Any of the decorations I killed myself (and several people/friendships) over. The food,  and the delicious cheesecake. Worrying–for weeks–over whether or not it would upset my mother-in-law that  I wanted to wear pearls at my wedding (It’s a Filipino superstition)

And you won’t. You’ll remember love and joy and giddiness…but not a whole lot else. And that’s JUST how it’s supposed to be.

A lot of what I do is create the pretty stuff. But the biggest joy in my life comes not from that–it comes from knowing that all a couple is thinking about on their wedding day is each other. Knowing that they’re not thinking about the details. Because–say it with me folks: “The details are not important”

Like I said, the only things you need to get married is yourself, the love of your life, and a person legally able to marry you. But if you want a great party to celebrate that great big moment in your life—That’s awesome. Just remember that the things that seem important when you’re planning won’t when it’s happening.

Oh, for the sake of your sanity—please hire a wedding planner 😉 (Even if that is just a good friend–hire someone to do it!)