Family Rules

If you look at Etsy (or Pinterest) at all, you’ll have seen various signs, wall art, or sticky things that have a list of “Family Rules”.

When this first came out, I really liked the idea, so I started writing down ideas of “Mignano Family Rules”.

An I have quite a few–Ice cream fixes everything, If you blow it up or break it, you have to fix it or pay to have it fixed, no experiments in Dad’s good cookware, and if it has the potential to blow up, set fire to something, or cause the EPA to be worried take it outside and talk to an adult first—but the most important one is this:

We believe in love, laughter, and forgiveness. Always.

Because if you have that at the core of your family–I think everything else just kind of falls into place.

Love–Because you don’t have to like someone, but you do have to love everyone. It’s our job as Christians.

Laughter–Because it either solves or almost solves every problem or fight

Forgiveness–Because at our core, we’re all REALLLLLY effed up. But God loves us and forgives us no matter what. And if he does, then it’s our job to try our very hardest to offer that forgiveness to every one we meet.

What are your family rules? Or what do you want to be your family rules?

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