I’m clearly getting old

I read a lot of different blogs, and a lot of those are mom blogs.

Why this started, goodness knows. But I find them FASCINATING.

Because they offer this glimpse into different ways to raise children, and different priorities and it’s intersting to think about.

Today, one of them was talking about the myriad of activities that she was running her kids to, and my only thought was “Doesn’t one of your kids drive?”

Which clearly wouldn’t solve every problem, but…my parents worked, and my after school activities were pretty much limited to ones that took place at the school or in the evening (long after my parents got home–so like 7) or on Saturdays. And I usually either bribed one of my brothers to come and get me or bummed a ride off someone.*

And I was jusssst fine.

I don’t get this mad dash parenting thing that’s happening right now. It’s like these parents feel obligated to run their kids to as many activities as the kids want and run themselves ragged in the process.

What ever happened to telling kids “Sorry, we don’t have time for that this semester. If you want to participate, you’re going to have to figure out a way to get there yourself.” or. “Ok. But it conflicts with this activity, so if you want to do that, you’re going to have to give this up.” Full stop.

And if the kid reallly wants to do the activity…they’ll find a way. They’ll bike there, or walk, or find a friend whose doing it and hitch a ride. Kids are resourceful. And damn stubborn.**

Now, when I was in high school, I was over scheduled to within an inch of my life. But the most these activities required of my parents was that they drive me to the school to get on a bus at some ungodly hour on a Saturday.

I just….I don’t get this concept of kids being allowed to do everything. Sometimes, you’ve got to say no, and that’s good. It teaches kids problem-solving, and the concept that they’re not always going to get what they want in life.

Plus, I mean isn’t part of the whole reason to having multiple children so that when they get old enough they can take over the carpool/errand duty?

Like I said, clearly, I’m getting old.

*Clearly I was raised in Pleasantville. Not the point.

**Again, see “I was raised in Pleasantville. And I might be transferring, but I was way more stubborn as a kid then I am now.


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