There is nothin…

There is nothing in the universe that I fear, but that I shall not know all my duty, or shall fail to do it.
Mary Lyon

When you choose your fields of labor go where nobody else is willing to go.

Mary Lyon


To say I love my college is an understatement of extreme proportions. 

A great deal of that love is focused on the amazing classes I took there, the women I became friends with–women that I know deep in my soul are going to change the world, and the traditions that almost 5 years later I still miss.

But a bigger chunk of that love is because I have a mad girl crush (a phrase I’m sure she would hate) on it’s founder Mary Lyon.

When she founded Mount Holyoke she used some of the same curriculum the (all male) Ivy Leagues did–a ballsy move in 1837.

She “strove to maintain high academic standards: she set rigorous entrance exams and admitted no students under the age of 16. In keeping with her social vision, she limited the tuition to $60/year, about one-third the tuition that Grant charged at Ipswich Female Seminary”. (Wikipedia) She taught her students subjects that most people thought women had no need for, and no business learning.  

She never married, focusing all of her attention on her passion for quality women’s education. Women of radically different social classes attended Mount Holyoke side by side–again a pretty ballsy move for 1837. Those same women performed the domestic duties that kept the school running–laundry, cooking and cleaning.


Today would have been her 216th birthday. So thank you Mary Lyon. For your vision and your legacy. Happy birthday to a woman who dreamed big and made it happen. I hope we don’t disappoint you. 

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